Over the last few years, the service Air BnB has become wildly popular as an alternative to traditional hotels.

For those who don't know, the service allows individuals to rent out rooms in their homes to those who are visiting the area. Many times accommodations in an Air BnB are much nicer than that of a hotel and it's usually cheaper too.

When searching through listings on Air BnB, users have the ability to put desired locations on a 'wish list.' This allows travelers to easily find a location they had looked at previously when they are finally ready to book their vacation. But sometimes people add locations to their 'wish list,' not because they have any immediate plans to stay there some time but just because they think the place looks nice and if the opportunity one day presents itself, an Air BnB user will choose to stay at that location.

Air BnB released their 'Wish List' data to the website Real Simple, who then went and compiled the most sought after Air BnB locations in each state.

The most sought after Air BnB in North Dakota is located in North Bismarck near the intersection of 110th Street NW and 28th Street NW. The exact location, not surprisingly is not revealed until you actually book the place so we don't have the exact address.

If you choose to stay at this particular home, these are the accommodations you'll get according to the listing:

The space

The house was just built in 2014, it is a 2 level ranch home with a huge garage and walkout basement. The basement has 2 private bedrooms (one with a Tempurpedic queen mattress, the other, a standard queen bed) with a bathroom and secured walk out basement entry. We have 4 private bedrooms total in the house with the other 2 bedrooms being upstairs with access to their own bathroom as well. There is a pull out queen size couch in the basement. Plenty of couch space in the theatre room as well. My hubby and I have our own bathroom/shower in our room and would never use the guests bathroom while a stay is in progress--you own it ~! :)

The beds available are:

*Queen size in basement bedroom.
* Tempurpedic queen size in basement bedroom.
*Queen size pull out couch in the basement family room downstairs.
*Queen size bed in upstairs bedroom
*Full size bed in the other upstairs bedroom. 
*Plenty of couch space --2 upstairs--3 in the theatre room downstairs.

Interaction with guests

Depending on the day--we will be at work from 9 am -at least 5 pm.

The particular listing has 72 reviews and are rated 5 stars in the categories of Accuracy, Communication, Cleanliness, Location, and Value.

The location received 4.5 stars, likely because it is about a 20+ minute drive to downtown.

It costs as little as $45 per night to stay in this house and the owners note that there are also dogs there. To see pictures of the house and to book the place to stay, visit their Air BnB listing here.

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