I think that it's incredible that it's only the second weekend of April 2021 and the river is open and most marinas you can get out of to the river. It's been a crazy year and I think it's time that we all get out on the river this year and have some fun. Most of the time you can't get out to the river until May and so this is awesome and people should take advantage of it.

The river can change and it does every year and the main channel changes and a person just has to get used to that. The river is a lot of people's get away and is also a lot of fun. It's been a crazy couple of years if you want to buy a used boat or pontoon. The used watercraft industry is crazy the prices went up and there isn't much out there. If something does go on the market it usually sells right away.

I also think that it's awesome that a person can put their boats in the bays and rent a spot. A lot of places don't have bays that can store your boat so I think it's awesome that we get to here. There's so much to do on the river from boating, pontooning, jet skiing and fishing. Everyday I go over the bridge and there's a lot of people out fishing, I haven't been out fishing this year but, hopefully will get a chance to soon.

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