We first heard that Spa D'Athena was closing for remodeling and there was an uproar, but now the word has chanced according to their website.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The uproar was from customers who received gift cards and wanted to redeem them. From the start, Spa D'Athena said customers could redeem them.

Now, the remodeling project is no more and the spa will close their doors for good. They have no plan to re-open in 2018 or no date has been announced on their website.

The spa will close for good on October 27th and the plan for remodeling and construction have been put on hold.

If you have gift cards, the spa will issue refunds and will have extended hours of operation on November 2nd through 5th for customers to use their gift cards to buy products in the store.

If you want a complete refund, email the spa at giftcardrefund@spadathena.com. Follow the procedure which includes your name, gift card number, address and phone number.

For additional information,  go to the Spa D'Athena website.

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