Through your years living in North Dakota and learning about North Dakota, it is likely you have learned some very strange things about this great state. But this one fact about North Dakota may be the strangest.

The website theCHIVE listed the strangest fact for all 50 states. The fact listed for North Dakota is indeed quite strange but will also have video game nerds all giddy.

Back in the 1980s you may recall the video game Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego.

Here's where things get interesting. Over 20 states asked Brøderbund, the company behind the game, to make a state-specific version of the game.

For whatever reason though, Brøderbund only attempted to create one state-specific version of the game. The state was North Dakota.

The game came on a double sided floppy disk along with a manual, a map of North Dakota and other items.

The game was distributed and played in many schools throughout the state after it was released in 1989, 100 years after North Dakota was granted statehood.

It may be difficult for you to find the original floppy disk for this game and even if you found a floppy disk, you likely do not have a machine that could play it.

Fortunately though, you can play this iconic game. In 2006 copies of the game were found and Brøderbund handed them over to a North Dakota educator who managed to digitize the game.

You can download the game here. There are two files, one representing each side of the double sided floppy disk the original game was on. However, in order for your computer to be able to open those files, you will need an Apple II emulator. You can download the emulator for Windows at the bottom of this page and the emulator for Mac at the bottom of this page.

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