Most people would love to travel. But not everyone wants to travel to the same place. However North Dakotans seem to prefer one travel destination more than any other.

Lonely Planet took a look at the most searched for destination in every state. Though it is not the case in every state, it seems many citizens like to explore their own country with many of the leading search terms being destinations within the United States.

Overall, Hawaii was the most searched term as it was the No. 1 search term in six states.

In North Dakota, the No. 1 searched for travel destination was Yellowstone National Park. Of course other than Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone is one of the only major tourist attractions in our general vicinity.

Yellowstone was the top searched travel destination for many of our neighboring states as well including South Dakota, Wymoing, Montana, and Idaho. Of course Yellowstone is mainly located in Wyoming but parts of it do lie in Montana and Idaho as well.

Enjoy your trip to Yellowstone!

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