I recently did an on-air and online survey of the best small-town cafes in North Dakota.

The response was overwhelming.  It's very apparent that my listeners are very passionate and opinionated on the subject.  It took a good hour and a half to compile nearly a thousand votes.

Now, some of my listeners didn't fully understand what the question was.

First off, it was for "small-towns" only.  For example, Little Cottage in Bismarck received a plethora of votes, but Bismarck doesn't quite qualify as a small town.  Same with Ohms Cafe in Mandan.  Not a small town.

I also had to disqualify small-town bar and grills.  I received hundreds of votes for these types of establishments, but again, not a cafe/family restaurant.  I will however write a future article on these types of places and use my data to show some love for them.  For example, Littles Bar and Grill in Pick City lit up my phone lines and online responses.

I also disqualified establishments that are currently closed.

I just felt that was right.  One example was Udderly Caffeinated in New Salem.  There's a lot of love for that place and it appears it will be opening up again, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

I myself LOVE small-town cafes and have spent a lot of time in them over the years hunting and fishing across North Dakota.  Many of these cafes unfortunately are closing up shop as more and more people leave rural North Dakota in favor of city life.

So, with further ado, These are the 15 best small-town cafes all across North Dakota according to my listeners:

The 15 BEST Small-Town Cafes In North Dakota

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