The recent mass killing in Pittsburgh, reportedly motivated by anti-Semitism, has re-focused attention on the needs of the Jewish community in places like North Dakota. In the interest of promoting better relations among differing faiths in our state, we offer some facts about North Dakota's Jewish community:

There aren't many Jews here. As of the end of 2014, the state Jewish population was 400.

North Dakota has two "active" synagogues: Temple Beth El in Fargo and B'nai Israel Congregation in Grand Forks (note: Solomon's Rest in Bismarck is not a synagogue; it is a Christian church).

In 2006, Sons of Jacob, a Jewish pioneer cemetery in the Devil's Lake area, was rededicated.

Temple Beth El in Fargo is a "reform" synagogue that calls itself the "Home Of the Frozen Chosen." B'nai Israel Congegration, also a reform synagogue, serves the Jewish community in Grand Forks as well as Grand Forks AFB. Both synagogues welcome Jews of all denominations.

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