A company called SINGULART looked at some of the most searched brands on Google. They found not only the most popular brands in the country, as a whole, but also in our great state of North Dakota.

The United States

Louis Vuitton is the most searched designer brand across the United States. Not only do I have a hard time affording this brand, but after many years, I still struggle saying it. Deep breath... ok we got this. It's loo-ee vuh-taan. I almost swallowed my tongue, but we did it!

SINGULART's data revealed that the Louis V brand was searched more than 21 million times between 2018 and 2021.

North Dakota

Okay, okay. Here's what you came here for. The most popular designer brand in North Dakota is... Dior. The study also shows the close-second as Chanel.

Look, I've literally never seen anyone wearing these brands, but what do I know. My money would've been on Dolce and Gabbana.

Let's List Things!

SINGULART also put together a "Top 10" list. Here are the most popular designer brands in the state:

1. Dior - When I think of Dior, I think of all the scratch and sniff perfume samples I'd suck in. Brain cells may have died. We don't know.

2. Chanel - I do not disagree with this ranking. Let's carry on, shall we?

3. Hermes - The only reason I've heard of this brand is because I watched "The Princess Diaries" growing up. All I know is they make scarves.

4. Prada - The devil wears it! I'd love to have some of this brand in my closet, but I am broke-ith, so I shall not.

5. Tom Ford - I hear "Tom" and I think "Tommy Hilfiger." Sorry.

6. Alexander McQueen - I'm not sure this brand is something us common-folk can even attain. Like, can we buy this brand?

7. Dolce and Gabbana - In love with their perfume.

8. Vivienne Westwood - Strike me down because I've never heard of this one.

9. Burberry - This is one of those brands that just exists. Like, ok, you're there.

10. Marc Jacobs - Has certainly gained popularity now that you can buy the brand at TJ Maxx.



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