Traffic was at a stand still on I 94 due to a semi-truck rollover Saturday.

48-year-old Kathleen Marie of Steinbach, Manitoba approached an exit too fast on the interstate which caused her semi-truck to rollover, which backed traffic up Saturday morning.

Marie was traveling alone with the exception of her two dogs in the cab as reported by KFYR-TV.

According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, the truck rolled over into the ditch, approaching the off-ramp from I-94 East, exiting the Mandan- Bismarck Expressway exit. According to authorities, the driver approached the exit and curve too fast. The truck overturned on the driver's side.

According to authorities on the scene, no one appeared to be injured, although the driver was taken to a local hospital.

The dogs also were not injured but were taken to a local shelter until he driver can claim them.

the driver was charged with careless driving.








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