Trains in Bismarck have gone silent in order to be less annoying to nearby residents and businesses.

Of course trains do not blare their horns in order to be a nuisance but rather to alert those nearby that the train is approaching.

Even though there are rail gates that block cars from passing by, cars if they want to could drive through or around those gates and pedestrians can still cross the tracks.

The train horn sends a simple message: "get off the tracks."

But Bismarck has now activated a quiet rail system, similar to systems already in place in Jamestown and Fargo. With the new system in place, trains will no longer sound their horns as they pass through Bismarck.

New gate systems have been installed to make it harder for cars to be able to drive around them when they are down.

Trains will still be able to sound their horns if they feel there is a safety risk.

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