Hockey players are well known for their generosity.

As somebody who's been around sports all my life, I can tell you firsthand that hockey players know how to treat their fans the best.  Their generosity towards their fans (especially young fans) is well documented.  Countless hours of community involvement with charitable organizations, working with youth hockey programs and so many other reasons to love hockey players.

I was lucky enough to grow up around UND Hockey.

I remember as a young boy growing up in Grand Forks and attending the University of North Dakota home hockey games every weekend.  My family was lucky enough to have season tickets and I have so many fond memories of Fighting Sioux hockey.  Many of those fond memories actually took place before or after the games.  We were the kids by the glass watching the players as they warm up and trying to get up enough courage to get the players to notice us, and maybe flip us a puck.  Sometimes they would skate by and wave at us or give us a wink.  We would even wait for them to come out of the locker room after the game to get an autograph.  Just about all of them were willing to oblige.  Sometimes we would make a sign for a player and try to get noticed.

A special moment for a young fan Saturday night.

Well, that's what a young fan did Saturday night at the University of North Dakota and St. Cloud hockey game, and what he did was BRILLIANT.  He made a sign asking his favorite player Riese Gaber #17 to play a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for a puck.  Well, that's what exactly happened and young Kien Kuznia from East Grand Forks, Minnesota beat the standout hockey player on the first try.  Gaber then grabbed a puck and made sure to make good on the challenge from the young fan.  Kien was all smiles after the incident and won't forget this moment anytime soon.  Here is young Kien with his souvenir.  What a great moment.

Chuck Kuznia
Chuck Kuznia


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