Bud Grant is a childhood hero of mine. A no-nonsense, no heaters on the sidelines, no excuses sorta guy. He led the Minnesota Vikings to four Super Bowl appearances in his 18 years as head coach.  I know my Vikings lost all four Super Bowl games; and it makes me sad. But Bud Grant always kept The Purple in contention- he's still the 3rd most successful professional football coach of all time.

How can that be? Well before the Vikings gig, Bud was a head coach in the Canadian Football league.  He coached the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for ten seasons and won four Grey Cup CFL Championships.  He has a statue in front of the Bomber's new stadium. He as a player played for the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers as well as the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.  So Bud Grant's enjoyed a long storied career in the NFL.

OK, so tell us something we don't know.


Bud Grant just turned 94 years old and one of the tribute pieces I came upon mentioned his NBA championship with the Minneapolis Lakers. Y'see, when the team moved to Los Angeles they kept the Lakers name although there are not 10,000 lakes around LA. But this was the 1949-50 season and Minneapolis was heading for a championship behind Bud's 2.5 point per game average. Sure, that's not a lot of points. But Bud Grant has one more NBA Championship than Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Bill Belichick COMBINED!

Bud Grant- NBA Champion.

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