The next time that alarm goes off at five-am, DON’T hit snooze! Wake your late-sleeping butt up and enjoy a healthier AND wealthier life.  So get up, grab some caffeine and go for a jog along the Missouri River and get ready to have a fatter paycheck!
A new on-line poll found that the earlier you rise, the more zeros you find on your checks. Not an early riser?
It’s not too late to change your lazy ways: Here’s a few tips to get adjusted to the early mornings:
  • Rise and Shine– Wake up a couple hours earlier than usual, and hit the gym. No one’s probably there, so no long lines! You’ll be more productive…and that juice will keep you going.  I myself like to run and Bismarck/Mandan has so many awesome trails to explore!
  • Lights Out– Give your body cues that it’s time to lay it down. If that bright light is on, you’re not in shutdown mode like you should be. TURN OFF THE TV!  I know this is tough to do in Bismarck during the summertime!
  • Stick to a Schedule– Time to go back to the little kid days and give yourself a bedtime, no matter if you’re off today.  As somebody who has struggled with sleep most of my life, I can tell you this really helps!  Give yourself some "down time" as well before you try to go to sleep.
  • Move Up Your Meals– Start by not eating after 7pm. It’s tough at first, but you’ve got to build the habit.  Your waistline will shrink and your wallet with get fat!
  • You’re officially living the life of the healthy and wealthy!
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