It's been nearly a week and the college football world is still talking about North Dakota State's upset over Iowa. NDSU fans were, obviously, fired up. Iowa fans, though? Not so much.

One young fan, Tate Bianchi, took to YouTube to lament his team's loss at the hands of the five-time FCS champion Bison.

Bianchi starts his video, which you can see above in its entirety, by asking 'why?' and then spends the next five minutes describing everything the Hawkeyes did wrong during their 23-21 loss to NDSU, including, but not limited to, not tackling and not sticking to the pass game.

Throughout the video, Bianchi seems to be holding back tears, while also reiterating the fact that the Hawkeyes must learn how to tackle before facing upcoming Big Ten opponents Michigan, Wisconsin, and Penn State.

Towards the end of the video, Bianchi congratulates North Dakota State, stating that they're a 'really good team' and that they 'should be in the FBS.' He then focuses his aim back on Iowa, shouting 'Good game, Iowa, good game,' over and over again.

The Hawkeyes head to Rutgers to take on the Scarlet Knights Saturday, September 24th. Hopefully, they'll redeem themselves in the eyes of Tate, but, probably not.

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