A North Dakota farmer was driving a couple miles from his farm near Willow City, North Dakota when he ran into total cuteness.  A pair of baby deer just standing on the road.  The new fawns were so young, he estimated they were no more than a few hours old.  They were the size of a medium sized dog.

The farmer stopped his truck and decided to move the deer off the road, to hopefully avoid a tragic encounter with another vehicle.  The deer are so cute as he moves them off the road one by one.  Even their squeal as he grabs the deer, will melt your heart.

The whole time during this TikTok video I'm thinking to myself, where is the mother deer?  In the video, it says the farmer could see the Mother, but she wasn't coming to help them.   As young as these deer are, without their mother, I see very little chance for survival.  The farmer just wanted to get the deer off the road, and hopefully the mother will rejoin her fawns.

I myself would've been very tempted to bring the deer home with me and pull a "Jonnie" the deer if the mother wasn't around, and hand raise them myself.  Especially, if I had a farm I could keep them on, and eventually release them back into the wild when they're capable of caring for themselves.  You can read about the Bismarck area's most famous deer "Jonnie" HERE.

In the meantime, get ready for cuteness overload.  Here's the video that BROKE the internet featuring these precious North Dakota animals.



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