He has more than his fair share of detractors, but Donald Trump's biggest headache could be Mother Nature.

Yes, Trump's inauguration is slated for Friday (and has been the source of much controversy, thanks to all the rumored problems booking performers) and, aside from all the protests planned, the weather could wreak havoc.

Whether it's William Henry Harrison's untimely demise or President Reagan's cold -- and warm -- experience, there's a whole history of presidential inaugurations with a new chapter about to be written.

Considering the fact presidential inaugurations take place in the bowels of January, it's no surprise the elements may wind up taking center stage.

Will the weather play a role? Friday's forecast for the nation's capital is a high of 50 and low of 43 with clouds and a chance for rain later in the day, but overall it's expected to be a nice day, although a cloud of protest may very well hang over the rest of Trump's term, if the expected demonstrations are any indication.

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