As mothers day approaches, and the machine that is USA advertising is going to be hitting us with everything from chocolates, to flowers to cards etc. I thought it would
be interesting to discuss what moms would really want on Mothers Day. 

I want to clarify something. This article is not telling you to get anything for your Mom, just to understand where your Mom is coming from and then give accordingly.

According to Parenting.Com, some of the wishes Mothers request in their survey include things like a Clean House, More Sleep, a Spa day, a break from the Mom routine and of course getting the Honey do-list honey done.

Breakfast in Bed might be a good idea, or how about getting the family together for a dinner and she doesn't cook?

I have an idea how about giving her a nice big hug and say thank you for all you do ( then get her a spa day before she says that's it??? :))

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