If someone was to ask you the most famous house in North Dakota, what would you say?

ND Gov.com
ND Gov.com

I would possibly think it would be the Governor's House. I would be wrong.

When you think of the most famous house in a state, you think of famous people that reside in such a house. And in some cases for some of the states, that would be correct.

This is not the case for North Dakota. According to Bob Villa.com, the most famous house in North Dakota is Chateau de Mores located near Madora.

The house is now part of the North Dakota Park and Tourism and is open for tours.

This house was built in 1883 and for the time, it was more luxurious than most homes build during this time. It first was a summer home for Marquis de Mores, but after financial ruin, it was returned to France. The 26 room house was restored and made into a museum.

You can see the most famous house in every state here.


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