You're thinking about sending a gift to someone and you want it to be unique and representative your state and it want it to be food, what do you send?

Have you ever been to a Pride of Dakota event? P of D has many events throughout the state, and there are many merchants who sell Pride of Dakota gift baskets, packed with all sorts of delicious goodies from the Peace Garden state. That would be my first suggestion for a gift of food.

With that said, released a list of the best food gifts from every state. I'll share my idea later. First, let's get to the list. According to, the best food gift from North Dakota is berliner kranser. These are holiday cookies and come from the German and Norwegian influences in our state, and according to the publication, they are delicious.

Full disclosure, I have never tasted a berliner kranser twist before, therefore, I don't have a comment.

But I do have suggestions for delicious food gifts from North Dakota. First, I have to admit, I have never had a caramel roll until I moved here. I mean, I've had caramel rolls before, but, the best and most gooey caramel roll can be found in our state, and I'd say, they are the best! And The Cottage Café Bismarck, in my opinion have the very best. Actually, anything at the Cottage Café is perfect! I had a late breakfast there this past Saturday. And don't worry about shipping, it'll be costly, but if you over-night and share directions with the recipient to microwave before eating, they'll forever be in your good grace.

One more suggestion, Dot's pretzels. They are made in North Dakota and have another plant in Arizona. I have never been a pretzel guy until I moved to NoDak and had Dot's. They are addicting!!

Maybe got it right, but I think my suggestions are better!

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