North Dakota is a special place. We have some of the best activities!

Some of the things we do here in North Dakota, people living outside of the state may not fully understand. And, we good with that.

That is the case with every state. It is what makes the place we call "home", home.

24/7 Wall St. recently published the weirdest tradition in every state.

Some of the weird traditions around the country includes, in West Virginia, they have a Road Kill Festival. In California, the Fourth of July is celebrated with a marshmallow fight in Ogden Beach.

In Minnesota, I find nothing weird about this as they hold a meat raffles. To ring in the New Year, folks in Idaho drop a gigantic potato and in Flagstaff, AR.they drop a huge pine cone.

The methodology researched several media sources, city and state websites and various visitors bureaus to come up with this list.

North Dakotas weirdest tradition is coming up soon in Minot at The North Dakota State fair. It is the Redneck Relay. The objective of this competition is for teams have moonshine spit, use corn to toss, getting a face full of pie and carry a watermelon covered in oil.

Sounds like WATCH!


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