It's Fargo.

Of course it's Fargo.

The North Dakota Apartment Wrestling Association is a real thing.  From what I've gathered it's scantily clad women wrasslin' in apartments.  But yet, it's so much more.

This Fargo wrecking crew refer to themselves as the Valkyries Of The Valley which is pretty kick ass. Their Facebook page has a photo from what appears to be a February 27th, 2021 event in a venue of some sort versus just an apartment.  The photo has one of the most unexpected comments ever!

Holly Handful's Ruth Bader Ginsberg tribute was the GREATEST!

Count me in as curious.

In a promotional piece from the Fargo area's High Plains Reader back 2018...

 According to legend, apartment wrestling has been operating in North Dakota for nearly 70 years, though mostly underground. This event will mark a new era for NDAWF, an organization said to have formed a decade ago.

70 years?  I guess the first rule of fight club is there is no fight club.  It's hard to keep mostly naked ladies wrestling a secret for 70 years.   But let's say the author was right about the NDAWF being around since 2008.  That's still 13 years of rug burns and spilt drinks.  Reading the piece in High Plains, it's cool how the organization and events have a World Wrestling Federation circus atmosphere complete with intrigue and fishnet.

But what would happen if all the Valkyries dressed up as Wonder Woman on Halloween? I bet they'd get mad and APARTMENT WRESTLE!  Bet you'd like to see pictures of that!

Way ahead of's a collection from the NDAWF Facebook page.

And here's a trailer for their slasher "movie" NDAWF Slumber Party Massacre

Keep scrolling their Facebook page and check out the merchandise.

By that I mean T-shirts, trading cards, etc.

Hope you enjoyed discovering the NDAWF as much as I did.

Just remember...


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