Pizza is pretty important in America.  

How to Cook Recipes recently published an article on "The Most Popular Pizza Topping In Each State."  I guess what's different about this article compared to other "Favorite Pizza" threads is that this is only one topping.

I know I did some research earlier this year on North Dakota's favorite pizza and "Hawian" came in at number one.  That surprised me, at least among people I know.  When my friends get together, "ham and pineapple" is rarely if ever mentioned.  Still, I know there are people in the Rough Rider state that love "Hawian."

I myself live by the three F's when it comes to pizza. 

No "fruit", "fish" and "fungus".  That's right, pineapple, anchovies, and mushrooms do not belong on pizza.  Not a fan, not even a little bit.  YUCK!  Of the three, I will scarf down a "Hawain" if I'm hungry and that's all that is available.

In this study, no beef and onion, Hawian (ham and pineapple) taco, breakfast, or barbeque.  One single topping determined this poll based on search data from Google trends and their search interest scores.

So, what is North Dakota's favorite single pizza topping? 

According to How To Cook Recipes, the good old standby "pepperoni" is number one in the Bison state.  Pepperoni by the way is the most popular topping in the United States as well, so we're hardly alone.

How about our neighboring states?  Something is really wrong with Minnesota.  "black olives?"  BARF!  South Dakota is "bacon" (now we're talking and Montana is just like us "pepperoni."

I guess no matter what topping you prefer remember, pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's still good.


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