It's the staple chore of dads coming home from work and people bracing for the storm of the century -- stop at the supermarket for bread and milk. They're the popular "gotta have" items in the house.

But are they the "gotta have" items we "gotta have" most?

It's an interesting debate, right? Toilet paper. Soap. Heat/AC. These are just some of the things you need in your house, but if there's one that's most important, what would it be? Those are only a few choices, too. Maybe you simply cannot live without a microwave, a snow shovel, a TV or an ottoman. What's essential to one person is merely just a luxury to another.

So, tell us what you think is most important. We've included a few options because it's impossible to have a full and complete list, so don't hold it against us if there's something we forgot.

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