Every state has one, and it's a street that defines their state, or the favorite street in the state. A street that is a tourist destination. One street where everyone meets or wants to visit from time to time.

When I lived in Iowa, it was 'Snake Alley' in Burlington. In Louisiana, it was a tourist attraction for every adult to spend time on Bourbon Street.

For North Dakota, according to Bob Villa.com, the favorite street or the street the defines the Peace Garden state, it's Broadway Street in Fargo.

Broadway Street features the 'Fargo' sign in front of the theater, and is a nice street which has local shops and restaurants and plenty of art for the walkers along the street and intersections.

In Bismarck, Main Street would be my choice for the favorite street locally. Downtown Bismarck is a great walking community with many street side cafes and patios. The same would apply for Mandan. Main Street in Mandan is another great walking community with plenty of shopping and eateries.

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