Can you guess which classic television game show is North Dakota's favorite?

Coventry Direct surveyed people in all 50 states to find out the nation's favorite classic television game shows. North Dakota's collective favorite game was in the top five for the country - Wheel of FortuneNot only do North Dakotans love Wheel of Fortune, but some of them are so into it that they go on to compete on the show!

A few North Dakotans have won big money on Wheel of Fortune

Few people get to experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like competing on an iconic game show. But there have been a number of lucky North Dakotans who won big money on national television! Check out some of the coolest "North Dakota" moments on Wheel of Fortune!

North Dakota's Wins with Wheel of Fortune

North Dakota has been represented a few times on our state's favorite television game show! One time, two of our cities were the answer to a bonus round! Check it out.

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