Declassified military videos and documents, congressional hearings, and a growing intrigue on the matter of aliens on Earth is something we've been seeing as of late.

Many believe it's not a question of whether there are aliens, but, instead, what do we know about them? Not only that, but what would we do if we were ever faced with an alien invasion?

This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie and might even seem a little far-fetched to you, but it's better to be prepared.


What Would Likely Happen?

In the event of an alien invasion, some scenarios have been suggested.

1. Notify the Public

According to the NY Times, government officials would likely issue a Facebook alert and/or emergency text message to the public.

Just like when we receive Amber alerts, we could receive alien alerts.

Facebook was suggested, as it's likely the fastest way to reach most of the population.


2. Evacuate the Cities

The source also suggest that people in dense, highly populated cities would be evacuated to the countryside to prevent mass casualties.

3. Activate Military

This would probably be one of the first actions taken. The Times speculates that NASA would likely activate its "Double Asteroid Redirection Plan." This was a test that was conducted back in 2022; it's where a rocket is launched at an asteroid approaching Earth's orbit.

4. Countries Working Together

As much as I'd like to say we'd all work together to fight the alien threat, it's unlikely that would ever actually happen.

Coordinating with other governments and clueing them in on our technological advancements and tactical plans would be something most would want to avoid.

While our government probably has a plan (As they do for every threatening scenario), we will only know about it once it happens.

North Dakota Ranked As A Survival State ranked each state for its "Survivability" of an alien invasion. Unfortunately, North Dakota does not rank well.

They looked at things like landscape, medical resources, food resources, and available scientists and engineers.

North Dakota ranked overall at number 33. That's pretty low, if you ask me, and surprising due to our military presence here.

The States Where You're MOST LIKELY To Survive

The state that was ranked most likely to survive an alien invasion is none other than Virginia.

As one of the founding states bordering our nation's capital, this isn't all too surprising. I imagine a good amount of our resources will go to protect this general area.

Following Virginia is Georgia, then Massachusetts.

The State Where You're LEAST LIKELY To Survive

This is going to sound crazy, but the state where you're least likely to survive an alien invasion is none other than Nevada. I know the home of Area 51 is not the place you want to be.



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