While we're on a frozen sabbatical, let's discuss the increase of wakes on your favorite lakes.

Years ago, Old Milwaukee beer had a series of ads based on a location "meaning two things" to people.  One such place was the Crow Wing River in Minnesota.  It meant two things to these fellas...Northern Pike and cold beer. Watch for yourself From the Land of Sky beer water Facebook Channel

I canoed the Crow Wing River during a dry year- it meant severe sunburn and exposed rocks covered in silver from crashed canoes. To each their own.

Be honest now...what does this lake mean to YOU?

another cup of coffee?


Take out the canoe?


Or shotgun another 3 Red Bulls?


Or bring out the BIG guns!


Ever since the early days of inner tubing with the kids to the upgrade up to personal watercraft, there's always been a schism between the relaxing lake cabin and the recreational lake cabin.  The number of people flocking to state parks as well as local bodies of water has seen a huge increase over the past couple of years.  With that increase comes more commotion, chaos, and most annoying and damaging to many- high wake levels.  Minnesotans seem to be getting especially mad.

In the metro area, nearly 45% of respondents cited high wakes from other boaters as a problem. Those concerns coincide with the popularity of wake-surfing.

Jeff Forester, executive director of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates, said in talking with lake associations, the marine industry and other stakeholders, it is clear something needs to be done.

By the way wakeboarding and wakesurfing and two different kinda water recreations.  Do what I did and read more about it right here on DiscoverBoating.com.  Also if you want to reference ND boating safety guide you can find that here.

Sales of larger faster more impactful boats are on the rise. But so are sales for stand-up paddle surfing.


Lakes mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

North Dakota how have things changed on your favorite body of water?

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