The life of an addict or alcoholic is filled with anguish, despair, solitude, and most of the time an early death. Those that pull themselves out of the ashes are RECOVERING, they are NOT RECOVERED. The odds are against you, but the rewards of sobriety are endless. Most of the diehard drinkers/users prefer to be alone, to sulk through the dark. The disease is cunning, powerful, and baffling, and you will do anything to keep getting that high. One such example is a 31-year woman from Williston who was pulled over by a police officer earlier this month. Katlin Marie Wolff was in her own private world of hell.

According to Williston Herald when the officer ran her plates, Katlin had a warrant out for her arrest,  she was transported to the Williams County jail and immediately searched - that's when everything went bad. A plunger for a syringe was discovered in her bra - as she struggled to tell police that she did not possess any other drugs or paraphernalia, jail workers noticed a syringe partially falling out of a lower-body orifice. As the syringe was coming out of her private area, she shoved it back in, an attempt to conceal it -Wolff then informed everyone that upon reinsertion the needle broke off inside her, the syringe was loaded with methamphetamine. Williams County Sheriff’s deputies took Wolff to CHI St. Alexius Williston Medical Center for treatment. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Feb. 3.

The ones that reach "Their Very Bottom" and are able to climb out and start the journey are lucky, for death awaits those who never surrender. 


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