Usually, when you hustle out money, you'd better have an escape plan. 

So I guess this goes under bad secretary's day ... According to The Bismarck Tribune,  this administrative assistant for Northland Boring a North Dakota Drilling company embezzled money for years and was found out last year when their accountants saw an issue in the books.

She got 3 years supervised probation and now has to develop a payment plan to pay off the debt. She is currently on Disability. Yeah, Good luck with getting that cash back.

Why not just give back the money she embezzled?  From what I heard she was directing checks used to pay other vendors to actually go to her bank account.  She probably wasn't wearing it so where was all that money going?  Was this a breaking bad situation and she was funding a drug lab somewhere? Did she have an offshore account in the Carribean? Am I watching too many shows on Netflix? Probably.

Glad Justice was served! 

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