All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There's few dull boys in North Dakota.

According to a study released by Fit Small Business, North Dakota has among the best work/life balance of any state across the United States.

In order to compile the data, Fit Small Business looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics while also looking at eight different categories ranking how much residents enjoy their work/life balance.

Some of the categories include the residents' own assessment of their quality of life, the average hours worked per week, the average commute time, and the percent of residents who feel active and productive.

North Dakota came in as the sixth best state for work/life balance with Fargo being the best city in the state for work/life balance.

Most Midwest states ranked well in the survey. The top six states were:

1. Minnesota
2. Hawaii
3. Colorado
4. Nebraska
5. Vermont
6. North Dakota

Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska were also in the top 10 for work/life balance.

According to the report, North Dakotans have among the shortest commute times averaging just 17 minutes while the state also has the fourth highest quality of life in the nation. Over 70 percent of North Dakotans feel active and productive.

Check out the full report here.

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