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According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bill Gates is the world's richest person, worth a mind-boggling $86 billion. It's not really news that the Microsoft titan topped the list. What is news, though, is the fight for the second spot.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who added $1.5 billion to his net worth on Wedesday alone, leapfrogged Warren Buffett and Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega to claim the silver position, with a value of $75.7 billion. Not coincidentally, Amazon's stock has jumped 50% in the last year.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg pulled up in fifth place, with more than $61 billion. Not too shabby for a guy who developed a platform for you to share photos of your dinner plate with everyone from your mom to the kid who sat next to you in seventh grade social studies.

Seven of the 10 wealthiest people around the globe hail from America, who could argue that the country doesn't need to be made any greater than it already is for them.

World's 10 Richest People

  1. Bill Gates $86.3 billion
  2. Jeff Bezos $75.7 billion
  3. Warren Buffett $75.3 billion
  4. Amancio Ortega $73.3 billion
  5. Mark Zuckerberg $61.2 billion
  6. Carlos Slim $56.9 billion
  7. Charles Koch $48 billion
  8. David Koch $48 billion
  9. Larry Ellison $47 billion
  10. Bernard Arnault $43.3 billion

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