There are a lot of things I can handle, but disgusting food is not one of them.

The Study

Just in time for Easter, a company called went through nine years (#Dedicated) of sales data to find out what each state's favorite Jelly Bean flavor.

We will get into North Dakota's awful choice here in a minute, but first, you might want to know what the top Jelly Bean flavor is overall.

Most states chose "Buttered popcorn" as their favorite flavor. This is gross, but not as gross as North Dakota's favorite.

Other States

South Dakota's favorite is nice. The state is a huge fan of strawberry.

I didn't even know this was a flavor, but several different states chose cinnamon as the favorite.

Prepare to Be Appalled

I guess I should finally get to North Dakota's top pick. Keep in mind, I'm cringing as I type this; North Dakota's favorite Jelly Bean flavor is... *Gulp* Black Licorice.


It's bad enough there are people that allow this flavor to exist, but for so many to like it is concerning. Watching someone eat black licorice Jelly Beans is hard to do.

I'm convinced that people who like this flavor have singed off their tastebuds from eating too many pizza rolls right out of the microwave, because how else would you explain it??

How is black licorice even a thing anyway?! Do away with this wretched flavor!

Watermelon, strawberry, cherry, heck, even those Harry Potter earwax Jelly Beans taste better than black licorice, in my opinion.

Anyway, that's all the ranting I can do for now. Thanks for reading. TTFN!



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