Dreaming of summer? We sure as heck are. A refreshing new cocktail just hit the market this month. North Dakota's very own Bismarck Distillery feels the need too for warmer temperatures. With that, they are proud to announce:


Released for the first time in the Peace Garden state as a canned cocktail, is Bismarck Distillery's Huckleberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail. Hints of spring and summer are bursting from these cans. A splash of lemonade with a sweet twist of huckleberry. The refreshing take that has all dreaming of summertime and ready to head to the lake or relax along the Missouri River.

The new beverage is made with Huckleberry flavored vodka along with fruit concentrate and carbonation. This Huckleberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail has an alcohol rate of 4.5% by volume and is sold in 12 oz cans. A true craft delight from this craft distillery.


Huckleberry Lemonade Canned Vodka Cockatil began hitting the shelves of liquor stores across the Bismarck Mandan Area two weeks ago including WilLiquors, Captain Jacks, and Cashwise. The cans are sold in a grab-to-go 4-pack.

Since then there have been multiple tastings held at some of our favorite places. Since then there have tastings held at both WilLiquors and Captain Jacks. If shopping either of these locations, do not hesitate to ask their experts on their take on this newest refreshing beverage. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


Bismarck Distillery is a registered Pride Of Dakota business that supports North Dakota Farmers and Producers. Other products they are known for are bourbon, gin and wheat vodka. According to the Bismarck Distillery, "We have the Taste of North Dakota in all our Spirits!"

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