I'm so thrilled that Major League Baseball has started the 2013 season.  I'd love to see the Twins go places and do things and my heart is with the team from my hometown that has NEVER been to the World Series---The Seattle Mariners.   The only other team not to go is the Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos).   Always nice to grab a little something to eat from time to time at the ballpark, but be warned it can be pricey, depending on where you catch the game!


According to a new survey, the most expensive hot dog in Major League Baseball can be found at New York’s Citi Field, where Mets fans in attendance are on the hook for $6.25.

On the other hand, Cincinnati Reds' fans at Great American Ball Park can get a dog for just a buck.

Beer is a bummer at Washington Nationals games, where the cheapest brew available is a 16-ounce can for $8.

But for half that price, beer drinkers can get a 12-ounce draft at Cleveland Indians games or a 14-ounce beer for $4 at Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field.  At Target field when you watch the Twins play---you can get a beer for $7.75 and a hot dog for $4.  As chilly as it's been lately, I'm thinking hot coffee, hot tea or cocoa during the game. (CNN.com)