There have to be certain people that we consider to be a man's man.  People that have integrity, that are brave and have made a big difference in people's lives.  One of my "heroes" is Billy Graham---the impact he has had on this world IS incredible.  I remember Billy once saying---"When you get to heaven--you'll be surprised who you see there and who you don.t"  He also said he believes that Elvis will be in heaven.  We shall see.Do you have someone that everyone knows that you admire and consider a "manly man?"   I ran across a great list of guys that us Americans admire the most!  Some still alive and some that have passed on.



According to, here’s a rundown of the manliest men in the history of America:

15. Bill Murray

14. General Patton

13. Chuck Norris

12. Neil Armstrong

11. Clint Eastwood

10. Jackie Robinson

9. Babe Ruth

8. John Wayne

7. JFK

6. Muhammad Ali

5. Theodore Roosevelt

4. Seal Team 6

3. Pat Tillman

2. Abe Lincoln

1. George Washington (