Some buddies of mine and I spent some time talking about some of our favorite acts we've seen in concert over the years.    I've seen some amazing shows---Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, Chicago and Phil Collins, Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins were all awesome.  Kool and The Gang were so much fun as was Earth Wind & Fire, plus Elton John and Rod Stewart---AWESOME.  Santana was good, but I had a few gripes about the legendary Carlos Santana's show and we all came up with a list of things we didn't like about concerts.


•Showing up ridiculously late

•Touring without key band members (Santana had no female singer to sing "Game Of Love" and "I'm Feeling You")

•Playing too much from the new album in concert--Don't we go to a concert to hear the "hits???"   That was my BIG complaint about Santana--Carlos and the band played alot of stuff that i had never heard of before and lots of songs that I knew and loved they DID NOT play.   That is a BIG PET PEEVE of mine.

•Playing long, long solos--I love the guitar, but NOT screaming guitar for long sets.

•Squeezing every possible penny out of fans.  I don't mind reasonably priced tour books and autographed cd's and nice shirts, but even those can get a little pricey.   Michael Buble' was one of the best with really affordable merchandise that everyone could buy.  I also loved him in concert!

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE going to concerts, it really makes me appreciate the artist and their music...but PLEASE play the hits---that's all I ask!