Do you ever wonder how some North Dakota towns and cities got their names? Things like this often occupy my thoughts, so I went in on a deep dive; I found some of the strangest named towns in North Dakota. Enjoy!

10 Most Ridiculously Named Towns In ND

Here's a list of some of the odd named towns in North Daktoa.

That's it!

And look, I know some of these may not sounds weird to you, but we'll have to agree to disagree. I'd like to give an honorable mention to a few other oddballs out there: Christine, Noonan, Havana, Cleveland, and Antler.

We couldn't be further from both Havana and Cleveland, and I can only assume there are a lot of deer (possibly moose) in Antler. Otherwise, why the name?

An Observation:

I'll also point out that a lot of our towns and cities in North Dakota are first names. I don't know why that stands out and sounds weird to me. It's like giving your dog a human name... it's cute, but err.. different and takes a while to get used to.

Honestly there are a ton more strange and questionable city names in North Dakota, but I think I've made fun of enough. If you see a mob of people with pitchforks chasing a blonde girl driving a black SUV around Bisman, just know it's me, suffering the wrath of this article.

Serious Question:

How does one go about naming a city or town? I'm very curious as to who gets the final say in that decision. The Governor? I've looked around a bit, and it seems that's something you have to get approved by the US Geological Survey, but what do I know? You can pitch them new names for geological natural features too.

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