First off there probably is a difference between pets and prisoners.

Most of the critters on this list fall into the category of penitentiary pets. If you opened the gate there would be a jailbreak guaranteed.  Does that make me a bad guy or perhaps a serial killer in the making?  A lot of my childhood animal experiences lean toward the latter.  But in my defense, I was raised by a southern boy who grew up hanging out "down in the holler".

So how many of these pets did you have?

It's an unusual menagerie of animals that make up this gallery and I'm sure I left a lot off.  Seems I grew up in a zoo.  These days I just have a lovable pair of pooches that fill my life with fun.  Still, it was a hoot to think about all the critters that have crossed my path much to their dismay.

Did you know a group of frogs is called an army?

Even after all these years, I wouldn't be surprised to find a battalion of frogs mobilized outside my door.  I probably deserve it.


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