Let's just say you met someone special. They have a dog and a cat. You have two dogs.

You move in together and are now on the wrong side of the law.


Unless of course, that love-struck couple obtained the proper papers from the City of Bismarck.

Exactly, ya need to go to the Environmental Health Division.  Here's how you can get arrested while reading this article...

Bismarck residents that keep 4 or more cats or dogs (over the age of 6 months), or combination thereof are required by city ordinance to have a special pet license with the Environmental Health Division.

Now, you can apply for 4 or more if you have the space and pass the crazy test.  Y'know, sane animals and not being dopey owners.  You can have more than 3, but you have to apply or you're bucking the Bismarck system and can get prepared for...


Probably endless interactions with City employees who are just doing their job shaking down your pets and your property.  I'm not saying pets don't need policing, I'm just saying you oughta get your permit before you get policed.  It could happen.

Maybe your neighbor doesn't like you that much after all.

Here's more from a previous Bismarck pet-count head-count story.

Seems in Bismarck Animal Protection and Control's minutes they're looking to open the door to legally increase the number of foster animals a household can have. They're wanting an exemption to the usual 3 pet household limit established for foster animal families.

So now, let's talk to you living outside the law two cat/two dog families.  It's too many.

Canine and feline; exemptions. The owning, harboring, keeping, possessing of cats or dogs is limited to no more than a combination of three (3) animals of either species per household.

When we got our foster dog Daisy, there may or may not have been more than 3 dogs on the premises, that's necessary to run a foster operation for dogs. So, I'm way in favor of increasing the number of critters they can temporarily house.

But what are your thoughts on a 3 cat/dog limit for Bismarck households?  Does it have four legs to stand on?

Interesting thought....

Plus, for all ya potential pet nappers- taking in that "stray" cat could now net you a $500 fine...here the proposed changes..

3-03-07. Retention of Animals. No person shall, without the knowledge or consent of the owner/custodian, hold or retain possession of any animal of which he or she is not the owner/custodian for more than twenty-four (24) hours without first reporting the possession of such animal to the Animal Control Officer, Bismarck Police Department or the animal pound. With intent is theft, but this one should be limited to up to $500 fine.

Damn straight Skippy, you nab my pet and hold on to it because it's lovable, you could face at least a $500 fine!  So why not make an effort to try to find the owner?

Back to the beginning...limit of 3 dogs/cats.  Is this a thing or not a thing?

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