The greatest day on earth just happened, last Saturday the 17th Annual Bar Golf and Tour took place. All the teams (some with very naughty names) showed up with hopes and inspirations of just having a good time - AND that was accomplished! The polished putters went to ten bars around Bismarck, Mandan.

1) The Stadium Sports Bar

2) Stage Stop Saloon and Grill

3) Borrrowed Bucks

4) Tap In Tavern

5) The Scapegoat Bar

6) Crossroads Tavern

7) The Elbow Room/Roundhouse

8) Pub 21

9) Cheap Shots Sports Grill

10) The Lonesome Dove

We have a NEW Champion - The Dimple Balls Won it!


A huge thank you to Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que for providing food for everyone! Brad and the crew from Borrowed Bucks! Kirk and Jay from Coors Light/Miller Lite for supplying the beautiful prizes (I'm STILL jealous of the teams that scored the beautiful swag )

Everyone was just excited to be out and about - My favorite moment came outside Borrowed Bucks - I came across a family, and they summed up the whole event with their energy, charm, and actual knowledge of Bromo (myself). A tradition that they continued to attend, and their spirit shined brighter than the sun Saturday afternoon - Take a look for yourself


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