It was recently announced that for a brief stint of time later this year, Budweiser will rebrand itself as "America." But as the website Estately rightly argues, Budweiser does not represent the entire country.

In response to Budweiser's rebranding, Estately decided to put together a list of what beers they feel represent each state.

Estately argues that North Dakota is best represented by Coors Light and here is their reasoning:

While not located in The Rockies, North Dakota can be just as brutally cold as it is atop 14,000-foot mountains. However, in North Dakota, “cold activated” doesn’t refer to the cans. It means a “long cold snap that activates people to flee for other parts of the country.”

The Daily Meal recently revealed that the most popular beer in North Dakota is Shiner Bock. That doesn't mean it best represents what North Dakota is though.

Estately certainly is not wrong in their assertion. Which beer do you think best represents what North Dakota is all about?