This little girl called reinforcements to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Aliyah, a two-year-old girl from Greenville, S.C., called 911 this week asking for help putting on her pants.

Deputy Martha Lohnes responded to the call and showed up to Aliyah's house:

The door opened up and she comes running out to the front with half a pant leg on and she’s just like, 'Hey.'...I just ended up sitting down on the stairs helping he put on the rest of her pants and then it was almost like a reward, she just wanted a hug."

Aliyah's mother, who's explained the concept of 911 to her daughter, was at work when the incident took place.

Even though it wasn't a true emergency, Deputy Lohnes was impressed with the youngster, "I thought it was awesome that at two years old, she knew to call 911 at all,” she said.

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