If you're of age to remember September 11th, 2001. Than you have your own personal story. I'd like to share mine with you.

September 11 Retrospective
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I'd just got to Bismarck/Mandan and moved into my house in June of 2001. If you remember September 11th 2001 than you remember the HAIL STORM of June 2001. I was just north of the Silver Dollar in Mandan- we got pummeled. A real memorable start to a career jump off. The neighborhood really pulled together in the face of pounded cars, homes, and hundreds of dead birds. So, we patch up and move on.

September 11th, I was driving down the strip listening to 96-5 The Fox on my way to work and the morning hosts at the time were watching live TV and trying to explain what they thought they were seeing. By the time I pulled up to work, we had all agreed that, beyond comprehension, a tower was going down. I got into the building in time to watch the second tower go down.

Aftermath Of WTC Attacks
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Now the phrase 'Violence begets violence" was suddenly ringing in my "humanitarian" head. Yes, and that head was now saying somebody is about to "BE GETTIN' SOME VIOLENCE". If I was President, at my first opportunity, I would have ordered a strike that would have turned that training camp in Afghanistan to GLASS! Later, I share this idea with my middle school daughter. She then explains in detail how violence does beget violence. To this day I'm wiser because of her insights that night.

Wise, but still stupid. Couldn't find my US flag after the move. The Tribune had a full page flag in the paper. I pulled that out and taped it in my home office window. It seems that, days later while mowing the lawn, I saw that I had put it in the window upside down! Dink.

Nobody in the neighborhood said anything about it.

September 11th, 2001 will hopefully be the worst single day in US history.

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