One Bismarck mother learned the hard way to choose your April Fool's cracks carefully on Wednesday (Apr. 1).

Late in the morning on April Fool's Day, the 45-year-old called her 24-year-old daughter and told her the daughter's unit in a mobile home park on Patriot Drive was on fire.

Before mom could say, "April Fool's!" the daughter hastily hung up the phone and called 911 on the spot, at 10:04 a.m.

Though she immediately tried calling her daughter back to explain, the mother couldn't get through until emergency response teams were already rushing to the scene.

A fire truck and two squad cars had arrived at the home, and two more fire trucks, a third squad car and two ambulances were on their way, by the time the daughter canceled the emergency by calling 911 again a mere seven minutes later.

No charges were filed by the city, but the Bismarck city attorney did review the case.

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