Amazon Prime Day is officially on Tuesday, July 11th and we found some random North Dakota items you should buy on Amazon with all the money you'll save!

Amazon Prime Day begins at 8 p.m. tonight, July 10th, and will last 30 hours. According to, new deals will be posted every 5 minutes until 2 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11th.

Although these North Dakota items are not necessarily part of Amazon Prime Day, you can definitely afford them after saving so much money!

  • Lantern Press, Amazon
    Lantern Press, Amazon

    North Dakota Deck of Cards

    Price: $14.99

    Add some North Dakota flair to your card game with these bright colored cards by Lantern Press.

    The cards are decorated with an abstract watercolor design of our state and will be perfect for Go Fish, Pinochle or whatever game you prefer!

  • Don Gray, Amazon
    Don Gray, Amazon

    UND Fidget Spinner

    Price: $12.80

    Fidget Spinners are all the rage. Why? I don't really know, but if I were to own a fidget spinner it would definitely be this one.

    According to the description, it's the 'perfect toy for fidgeters.' Again, I just don't get it. Someone explain it to me with their new UND fidget spinner.

  • TJO Bees, Amazon
    TJO Bees, Amazon

    North Dakota Honey

    Price: $35

    Mmmm HONEY. Already added this to my cart.

    TJO Bees Honey is made from the prairies of North Dakota and is pure, raw and unfiltered. You can get 22 ounces or 5 pounds. Less is not more in this case. Go for the 5 pounds of delicious honey.

  • Steve's Rare Coins, Amazon
    Steve's Rare Coins, Amazon

    North Dakota State Quarter

    Price: $2.20

    Looking to complete your quarter collection? I remember collecting the state quarters when I was younger and I could NEVER find a North Dakota quarter. Life was tough before Amazon.

    This North Dakota State Quarter is from 2006 and is uncirculated ... score!

  • Define Design 11, Amazon
    Define Design 11, Amazon

    North Dakota Scented Candle

    Price: $28

    Are you moving away? Maybe you know someone who misses the great state of North Dakota. Get them this candle that will remind them of home!

    The candle is described as 'scents of mountain spruce and a hint of campfire.' SOLD!

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