Ok, so we all forgot about this weekend coming up

Yeah, the summer went by so fast, with days lasting like weeks, the sunshine and sunlight staying with us forever. Just recently we started to wake up weekday mornings in the dark.

Uh oh, it's coming, but WHEN?

Summer ended quickly, we said our goodbyes and still, Bismarck/Mandan weather has been somewhat cooperating. No snow yet! Someone mentioned just last week that "Pretty soon our clocks are going to change, AGAIN"

The time of year when we LOSE an hour of sleep, yet we gain an hour...Make sense?. Ahhh the horror

So just yesterday it became official with me, the word was spread, for this weekend we "Fall back". Clocks get turned back an hour Saturday OR Sunday early morning, 2:00 am. What about that darn hour we GAIN and yet everyone says we lose an hour of sleep? Confusing right? Our body clock takes a beating.

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