Fall is coming!

Fall is easily my favorite season. It doesn't stick around for very long, but it's definitely one North Dakotans love to get into.

Pumpkins, Leaves, Haunted Houses & More!

What's not to love?! There's so much to do, tons of yummy food you can eat (shout out to pumpkin pie), and let's not forget about Fall fashion, because yeeesssss.

How Should We Prepare?

Before Fall gets here in all its glory, I thought I'd throw out a list of the different things you can do to prepare for the best season ever. Here you go:

8 Things North Dakotans Need To Do Before Fall

Here's how you can prepare.

These are just some of the many things you can do to prepare for the season.

Other Fun Ways To Prepare:

If you want to get really crazy, you can plan a Fall/Spooky season binge-movie list. -- I like to plan out the different Halloween movies I want to watch each year. -- Halloweentown makes the list every time, along with Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice.

You could also plan a couple trips to some local pumpkin patches and corn mazes. We already put together a list for you!

Another Idea:

You could even find a pumpkin pie recipe and try baking your pie this year. If that's a little out of your wheelhouse, you could just pick up those pumpkin-shaped brownies from the grocery store -- can someone explain to me why the seasonal ones taste better than the originals? Why is that a thing?

Anyway, I hope this list has given you the Fall inspo you needed. Thanks for reading!


North Dakota Pumpkin Patches

Here's a list of some patches you might want to visit this Fall.

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