This Sunday a very special event is set to be held for those affected by 9/11. We all remember that day and how it affected our country and so many people's lives.

I think it's also important to acknowledge the people who subsequentially fought for our freedom and went to war. This event is a great way to show respect to all those who were involved and impacted. The community is invited to come out and show support.


More Than A Ceremony

This isn't just a remembrance ceremony, it's a walk/run hosted by Team RWB. It's been held every year since 2014 as a partnership with Team RWB and the National Guard. If you don't know, Team RWB is a health and wellness community/group for our veterans. It's a great support system for those who served/serve our country.

I spoke to Thea Jorgensen, North Dakota's Volunteer State Coordinator, she says they are fulfilling their promise to never forget.

"Each of us here has a different connection to this day... As a member of the National Guard, seeing our leaderships continued support in showing up to live up to their promise to “Never Forget” means a lot," said Jorgensen.

The Event

Participants are being told to meet at Pioneer Park at 4:45 this Sunday. Once everyone gets there, you will walk two miles to the Global War on Terror Memorial at Fraine Barracks.

You can walk, run, bike, and even roll the distance. There will also be a social event to follow. If you want to be there for remarks and dinner, you will need to arrive no later than 5:30 at the GWOT memorial.

Thea Jorgensen
Thea Jorgensen

More About Team RWB

Team Red, White and Blue is a national nonprofit. It's a health and wellness community for veterans. Nationally, they have over 200,00 members and chapters across the country. Veterans, Guard, Reservist, Active Duty, family members and military supports are all welcome to join the free, inclusive organization.


If you would like more info on this event, contact



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