'Tis' the season to load up on Girl Scout cookies

One day, out of nowhere, you start wondering when the goodness we all look forward to will start showing up. I'm talking about the Girl Scouts and their traditional cookies. It's kind of reassuring to know just how consistent they are, I don't think there is a soul on this planet that doesn't start dreaming of Thin Mints, Samoa's, and every other kind of cookies they supply. So when THAT day finally arrives,. and the second you spot that table set up with some girl scouts and boxes of cookies laid out, your heart skips a beat! The cover picture of this article was taken at the Cenex here on the strip in Mandan, where her father Ron works, along with Mike the manager, Fred, Paul, William, and a few others.

Girl Scout Troop # 87058 is one of many that patrol our stores and seek out our stomachs and our helping hands

Here is the way I look at it, no matter if I am buying a box or not, I always stop by the table and throw them a dollar or two. The girls work hard, and one of the things that inspire them is, that if there is any $ they earned for themselves, it can be used to buy cool prizes as an incentive - probably about 99% of them would be focused on that, but not Rose Ryckman.

An unselfish mission to personally deliver to her heroes

Rose is turning 9 years old this month. She has been a scout for 2 years and is well aware of how things work when it comes to selling Girl Scout cookies. You see any money that's left to them as a tip, can be used for personal enjoyment ( maximum prizes ) - Rose told her father Ron that she has a mission, to use her own $ to buy 40 to 50 boxes of cookies ( at full price by the way ), and hand-deliver them at the VFW, to see the joy that a vet will receive is the passion that drives her. Ron beaming with pride told me that "My daughter thought of this idea all on her own. She wants to meet each and everyone" Her uncle is a drill sergeant and has three tours in Iraq under his belt.

No doubt one day in the future Rose will see her dream come true by joining the military

For now though, just politely step out of her way as the very determined Rose pursues her mission.


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