This is something I never would have thought could be possible

There are so many things we do all the time that we take for granted, without ever stopping to think there could be something out of the ordinary happening. Like what for instance? How many times do we just go through the motions of putting gas in our car? Obviously, it's quite necessary if you want to get to work or around town. Did you ever think that the gasoline ( you spent almost your whole paycheck on ) you were pumping into your tank could be bad?

Some drivers just recently have reached out claiming they received bad gasoline

Imagine with the high cost of fuel now, driving away from a gas station and minutes later sensing that your car was acting strange. According to "Some drivers in the FM area reached out to the Valley News Live Whistleblower hotline alleging they received a bad batch of gas after filling u at two local stations" One of the drivers complained that her car began making weird noises, and then it broke down on the highway. reported that she then took the car to her dealership where they ran tests on it "...They said there was nothing wrong with the engine. They said it was the gas. They said it was all water,”

So could a gas station have something wrong with their pumps?

I called Mike Goldade ( Cenex Manager ) across the street from us on Memorial Highway and asked him some simple questions - in layman's terms he told me that gas station pumps are tested for exactly that, to see if there is a possible leak, bringing water mixing in with the gas. He also said "It's very unlikely that any gas station would intentionally carry bad gas"

The corporate offices of the Holiday gas stations in question, in Fargo, had no response


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